Chi Kung

Shaolin Chi Kung & 18 Lohan Hands


Traditional Kung Fu involves the integrated practice of Chi Kung (lit. “Energy Cultivation”) which may be practiced as a separate art form (more on Martial Chi Kung below).

Though Chi Kung is necessary for genuine Kung Fu, Kung Fu is not necessary to practice Chi Kung.

Separate from Kung Fu, Chi Kung can be conceived as gentle body-movements synchronized with the breath while in a state of meditation. High-level Chi Kung (which means outward form is activated by an internal component and not just physical patterns with the outward appearance of Chi Kung) is practiced as a separate art by many for optimizing the immune system, the self-healing of internal illness and for achieving mental freshness, improved focus, vitality and even spiritual cultivation. In terms of body-breath synchronicity, High-level Chi Kung practice usually involves the repetition of just one pattern (unlike other body-breath arts for example which may involve changing between multiple poses in one session). Chi Kung practiced on its own is excellent for managing stress, working through trauma stored in the body, relieving and preventing burnout and for helping to overcome so-called incurable diseases such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and cancer.

The signature technique of our Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung 少林 太極氣功 is to use Chi Kung form to generate an energy-flow within the body. This can be thought of as a type of ecstasis or flow-state which takes the body out of the ‘fight or flight’ stress function of the nervous system and can be employed by the person taking ownership of their own health to overcome all sorts of illnesses. Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung which includes the 18 Lohan Hands is a truly phenomenal art. For more on Chi Kung, click here.

Separate stand-alone 18 Lohan Hands Chi Kung Courses will be offered on occasion subject to demand and availability.


Martial Chi Kung

If you have read the Kung Fu page of this website, you will have made note of the statement that traditional Kung Fu training reverse-engineers mastery by starting with the mind and that no Kung Fu training is complete without Chi Kung. While Chi Kung can be practiced separately as an independent art, Kung Fu ceases to be Kung Fu without Chi Kung. Chi Kung training is required for Kung Fu to be genuinely practiced, hence the disambiguation of the term “traditional Kung Fu.”

For further clarity, it may be of interest to note here that Chi Kung and Taichi or Taijichuan, are often mistaken. Taichi is a martial art and a style of Kung Fu. It has become so debased as a practice in modern times that it is practiced as a gentle dance which is probably why it is often confused with the non-martial and comparatively gentle-looking Chi Kung. Taichi Chuan as a martial art and a style of Kung Fu, is also taught within the Shaolin Wahnam Institute and since it is practiced as it is meant to be – as a style of Kung Fu – it is practiced quite fast in addition to the slow movements conventionally associated with the style.

Kung Fu training starts with mindset which is introduced through Chi Kung. Chi Kung is necessary in order to level-up one’s mindset for martial arts practice as well as for building Internal Force, one of the twin pillars of Kung Fu along with Combat Efficiency. Chi Kung heals the body physically, emotionally and with reference to mindset – relieves all kinds of mental issues such as stress, depression and anxiety. In terms of reverse-engineering mastery, think for a moment; a master (someone who can defend against any attack and sense attacks in advance) is not someone typically walking around with anxiety and depression. Those abilities come with being relaxed and having the skill of being able to relax perfectly (most people cannot actually relax fully at will or at least resort to external methods such as ingesting alcohol or smoking etc.). Thus, it is necessary to address any physical, emotional or mental health issues from the outset while advancing in Kung Fu. That is not to discourage – there is no better introspective technology available to achieve this end and there is no other martial practice that can offer integrated physical, mental and emotional health with the same techniques as it uses to cultivate internal force (also unavailable in most other martial arts) and combat efficiency. Genuine Martial Chi Kung is rare and can only be grasped through practice.