Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit is the founder of the global Shaolin Wahnam Institute and a 4th generation successor to the Southern Shaolin Temple. Grandmaster Wong is a master of traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Shaolin Chi Kung and Taichi Chuan and has over 60 years of experience in practicing and teaching Shaolin Arts to people around the world for good health, vitality and spiritual joys. In pre-pandemic times, Grandmaster Wong visited Ireland at least once (on occasion, twice) annually to teach Shaolin Arts. It was also possible for students to take courses with him in other European countries and intensive courses in his home of Malaysia which Grandmaster Wong intends to run again when the world re-opens fully post-pandemic. He has taught traditional Shaolin Arts to an estimated 60,000 participants on his courses around the world during a 20-year international teaching career and the global Shaolin Wahnam Institute comprises about 2,000 regular practicing members.


Master Wong is also the author of a number of bestelling books on Shaolin Arts including The Art of Shaolin Kung Fu (2002), The Shaolin Arts (2002), The Complete Book of Taichi Chuan (2002), Sukhavati (2002), The Art of Chi Kung (2005), The Complete Book of Chinese Medicine (2006), The Complete Book of Zen (2010), Chi Kung for Health & Vitality (2014) and Introduction to Shaolin Kung Fu (2016). He has also spoken on television and radio and featured in publications such as Wisdom of Living Masters by Natalie Dean & Damien Lafont.

Sifu John Ó Laoidh

John Ó Laoidh is from Corcach Mór na Mumhan on the south coast of Éireann (“sifu” simply means teacher within Kung Fu culture); left of Master Wong in the above photos. He lived in Asia for 10 years where he trained with Master Wong in Malaysia, Korea and in Taiwan – he has been a student of Master Wong since 2008, was promoted to teach Kung Fu within the Shaolin Wahnam Institute in 2018 and has also trained with Grandmaster Wong in the UK, Spain, Italy and at home in Ireland. He has worked in Asia as an assistant-lecturer at a college for Buddhist monastics, ran a Zen lecture series at a cultural centre in Seoul and project-managed a Zen centre in the south of France before returning to Ireland to complete a doctorate degree in aspects of Zen Buddhist teaching methodology within Global Buddhism. His interests in traditional Kung Fu are in Wudang-Shaolin Triple Cultivation (or Wudang Kung Fu for short).

Having passed through the basic training that all Shaolin Wahnam students undertake, he chose to specialize in the Wudang San Feng Set as well as practicing Wudang Sword. He is also deeply interested in Tai Chi Chuan practiced as a martial art. He teaches 18 Lohan Hands Chi Kung as both a separate art in itself to those seeking a practice to enable ownership over their health & well-being and he also teaches Chi Kung as an integral part of Kung Fu training. In Chi Kung, he has learned 18 Lohan Hands, 18 Lohan Art, Sinew Metamorphisis, Abdominal Breathing, Bone Marrow Cleansing, Five Animal Play and Small & Big Universe directly from Grandmaster Wong. In Kung Fu he has learned the Wudang San Feng Set, the Essence of Shaolin Set, the Travelling Dragon Pakua Set, One-Finger Shooting Zen, Taichi Pushing-Hands, Wudang Sword, Staff and Sabre directly from Grandmaster Wong as well as the set Sanzhan of Wuzuquan from Master Damien Kissey of Malaysia.

If you wish to learn traditional Kung Fu in Éireann, email:  wudangzen@gmail.com introducing yourself and saying why you want to learn Kung Fu. Please consult the Ten Shaolin Laws before emailing and note that, in Kung Fu as in all traditional Asian martial arts (and indeed European martial arts [not combat sports] of the past), it was not simply a case of a teacher who has spent years of their own life refining their art, handing that art over to whoever puts their money on the table. Hyper-aggressive, rude and chauvinistic people will not be admitted and/ or asked to leave. No martial arts experience is required and neither age nor gender are obstructions to enriching one’s life through Shaolin Arts.